Islamic business law

Hukum Bisnis Syariah 
Yes, this is my department. ^^
Actually I prefer to study Mathematics, but I'm not accepted to be a student of Mathematics in my university (State Islamic University of Malang). First time, I feel sad (just little bit), after thinking deeply, perhaps that is not my way and I must change my choice, turn into Islamic Law. Yup, besides Mathemathics, I like Islamic Law (in Arabic, usually called : Fiqh). I think Islamic Law is the most complete Law in the world and another world (hehe). Both worship and mu'amalah are included Fiqh. I like to study both of them :)

In my university, there is a faculty named Shariah that has two major : Ahwalus Syakhsiyah (Islamic Family Law) and Hukum Bisnis Syariah (Islamic Business Law). Firstly, I'll explain about Ahwalus Syakhsiyah, a department that learn about Islamic Law, especially Marriage Law and Inheritance Law. While, Hukum Bisnis Syariah is a department that learn about Islamic Law, especially Economics or Business Law.

From SNMPTN test, I accepted in Ahwalus Syakhsiyah, but from SPMB-PTAIN test, I accepted in Hukum Bisnis Syariah. I'm so confused to choose one of them. I observe the most issues in Indonesia is about Islamic Economis (Ekonomi Syariah). Many financial institution became shariah financial institution. So, I choose Hukum Bisnis Syariah to be my department and I feel enjoy to study it :)

I hope Islamic Economics can change Indonesia to be a  developed country ...

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