Marvelous 2014

This holiday, My classmates, Ifa, and I spent it by joining English course in Pare, Kediri. Many people called it by Kampoeng Inggris,  because we can found many language courses, the mostly are English courses. I chose Marvelous, one of English course that specialize on speaking ability. This course located at Jl. Brawijaya No.94, Pare, Kediri. If you wanna know more about this course, you can contact this number: 085755049004.
This is the picture of marvelous office :

I chose 2 weeks program, because actually I wanna try, how the way of teaching in this place *hehe :D and I've another job to teach some student of elementary school and junior high school in private course. The tutors of Marvelous still study in college, their major is English education. Although, they are still student but they so smart and good teacher, they make study English easier and fun. *Proud of them* This is the schedule of my class (Executive English 1 A). 

I stayed in a camp behind the office, in this camp also be my class where I studied English everyday. My camp near by mosque, so I felt comfort here. In this camp contained a living room, 5 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. 
These are the photos of my classmates and me. Check it out ! :D

My girl friends, they're so beautiful, right? :D

My boy friends, they're so cool, right? *But, I don't think so* hehe :D

(Almost forget) I wanna introduce my classmates, they are:
From left to right (boys): 
Bayu, Arus, Iqbal, Andika, Ricky, Bangun, Mato, Angga, Firman, Adit, Ipul, and Mr. Dedi (tutor)
From left to right (girls):
Budhi, Ms.Dede (tutor), Reni, Alvi, Meyli, Putri, Ucik, Ifa, and Ekky
Arizka, Ratih, Didi, Rara, Dhiani, and Lia

We are the members of Marvelous Class A :D
Keep spirit, guys !
Miss you :* 


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