Poem :')

I got a very nice, poetical, and touched poem :')

:: This is My Way to Loving You :: 
With no contacting you,
also with no sending a message to ask how you are.
Maybe this is unusual,
But for me,
This is the best way to loving you.
I love you by get away from you,
Not because I hate you,
It is precisely because I love you so much,
And I want to take care my self, also take care of you,
Keeping sincerity of heart, also keep the sanctity of my heart.
This is my way to loving you,
In my silence,
In my sincerity,
In my sanctity ,
in my unusual way ,
Although difficult,
Although heavy,
Although pain for me,
but I know this is the best choice for us in order we do not too expect each other.
Because hoping only appropriate to the Breath Giver,
Because hoping only appropriate hung to the heartbeat Setter 
I hope He will take care of you for me,
Let me to greet you only through hum of prayers.
For you all goodness,
With you all beauty.

Actually, the original poem is written in Indonesian Language and I found it from facebook :)
I don't know why I like this poem very much. I hope the writer can be patient for his/her condition and got the best life partner, and of course this wish  also dedicated for me, the re-poster (in fact, there's no word "re-poster" in English) :D

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